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Friday, November 19, 2010

New Info to be Presented at Admin Meeting Monday, November 22, 6 PM

It was stated at the Town Hall Meeting that this Admin Meeting would be an opportunity to present new information.

For example, In response to the statement that there are 140 diseases that chickens carry, (link to report cited at Town Hall MTG)  actually only a handful can be transferred to humans. This is considered rare and mostly occurs under poor sanitary conditions or improper animal handling procedures. Source: Merck Veterinary Manual Zoonoses Tables The other chicken to chicken diseases flourish in overcrowded,improperly ventilated, drafty and unsanitary conditions mostly associated with large factory egg and meat production. Not likely this will be duplicated in a backyard micro-flock.

A more common and well known animal to human transmitted disease is taxoplasmosis.  Often one of the first questions a physician will ask a new mother-to-be is whether she has a cat. A common way this disease can be passed is through cat droppings.  If contracted, it can be passed on to the fetus causing birth defects. It is a serious concern, yet no one has to get rid of a cat if one adheres to some basic sanitary practices to avoid exposure during this vulnerable time Go to 2nd page for descriptive list of diseases passed from pets to humans

Isn't it funny that this risky disease does not keep lots of people from having cats as pets?  And how many cities have ordinances against this disease carrying critter because of the public health risk? Regarding most instances of diseases passed from animals to humans, it boils down to this:

Taking responsibility for one's health by practicing good  habits like hand washing after exposure to animals and their habitat, safe food handling to avoid direct exposure and cross contamination with raw food and personal risk assessment for exposure to any situation.

Please write your council representative and the mayor to voice your opinion on backyard hens.

Thank you for your continued support!
NEWS: After inquiring we have good news!
For those concerned about the cost of drafting the new Hen Ordinance: The true cost is $1000 - 2,000 ... rather than the previously stated $20,000.

City of Roeland Park Admin Meeting
Monday, November 22, 2010
6:oo PM
City Hall

Email your council and voice your information on the city website and in our side bar.  Thanks!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yes and, or yes, but...

The time is here.  We get to have an honest and fair discussion about keeping backyard hens in Roeland Park.  City chickens are finding homes all across America as citizens are taking back their personal power of choice in the foods they eat and the lifestyle they enjoy.  Wellness conscious and environmentally aware urban and suburban citizens are greening their footprints and closing the sustainability loop in their own back yards with organic gardens, composting and in some cases micro-flocks of hens. Lets work together and get a good backyard hen ordinance for our city!
July/August 2010 Ode Magazine’s one last thing interviewed Berhold Bunster. Let's consider adopting his attitude:
“Yes and’ people invent the airplane;
 “yes, but’ people invent the parachute.” for the whole conversation.